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    unorganized with my photos - Please help


      I am very unorganized with my photos on Lightroom BUT have to get organized. I have about 50000 photos and they are on 4 different macs  on lightroom(each lightroom has different photos) . MY QUESTIN IS what is the way(easy way)to get all my photos and combine them in light room 5 (which i just updated to) and have all my computers have the same lightroom (and photos in it) and always sync with each other?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          There is no way in Lightroom to sync 4 catalogs on 4 different computers. (Some people do this via DropBox, but they will have to speak of the pros and cons of doing this)


          You can combine the catalogs onto one computer via using the command File->Export as Catalog on each computer, and then moving the exported catalogs and associated images to one computer; then use File->Import from Another Catalog to combine these.