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    Hello, i have a technical issue with Photoshop CS 5.0 on a Mac and file source on a SBS2011


      In a company we have 5 Mac (4 iMacs and one MacPro), they use Adobe CS 5.0 Photoshop, the Files wich they want to edit are stored on a Windows Server SMB Share, sometimes ( at 2 of 10 cases) if the user want save there work, Photoshop stops, say "they have no write permissions on the share" also the file will be deleted on the share . Does anybody know what happen? The Windows Server is an SBS 2011 and the share is not at the System Partition. The connection between the Mac clients and the Windows Share is 100Mbit/sec
      Also in the Network are Windows Clients wich does not use this share.


      I have add one Mac to the ADD and also use a domain User but here is the same issue.


      Did someone have a helping workarround?