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    Brandnew Adobe-ID used too often for Authorization?




      I wanted to authorize my Computer and eBookreader with a new Mail-Adress and Password and erased the Authorization with the old Mail-Adress and Password. Then I had to authorize both devices with no Adobe-ID, then made a new ID and wanted to authorice Computer and Reader. But I get the Error that the Adobe-ID has been used before, which can't be, because it is brandnew!!!

      And I can't move my newly purchased eBook from the Computer to the Reader. It says "Copying not allowed".


      This is really getting on my nerves, considdering I just contacted the Support-Chat and after refreshing the Browserwindow it kicked me out of the Chat before I even got an Answer! Besides, I PAYED for this eBook and can't read it on the mobile Reader because ??? Someone not doing his software-programming right? Customer Support being down due to Maitenance? And so on and so forth!!!


      I'm really thinking about throwing away my Trekstore-Reader and getting the Kindle from Amazon!!! Much better Customer Support and much more eBooks!! Can't even sell my old Trekstore-Reader 'cause it only works with the f**ked up Adobe Digital Editions!!! Who wants an eBook-Reader with a software that doesn't work??????


      Thx for NOTHING!