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    Unable to launch Photoshop CC 2014 - igdfcl64.dll

    Mr. Doon










      The list goes on; https://www.google.com.au/search?q=igdfcl64.dll+site:forums.adobe.com&espv=2&biw=1920&bih= 965


      Here is what I found with a quick google of my error when opening Photoshop. I won't go into heaps of detail because plenty of other users have already done just that in the above threads. What you should know is that I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 and my graphics drivers are up-to-date. In fact I've tried many different clean installs of my graphics driver. OEM latest version, OEM version that shipped with my laptop and also the latest GeForce driver from Nvidia. I've seen enough instances of Adobe staff saying this is a problem with drivers to understand it is Adobe-speak for "Fix it yourself".


      This is not free software. Lots of users are paying for this software and you aren't doing anything to resolve the issue.


      To put your "out-of-date" drivers theory to rest, you should know that the previous version of Photoshop didn't have any issues with my drivers. I doubt my drivers decided to become "out-of-date" the same night that I updated Photoshop.


      I'm not here for troubleshooting. I'm just looking for confirmation from Adobe staff that this will be resolved before I take it to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to investigate why you are charging customer's for unusable software.


      I hope you can clear things up for me.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
          To put your "out-of-date" drivers theory to rest, you should know that the previous version of Photoshop didn't have any issues with my drivers.

          What is this supposed to prove?


          I'm not here for troubleshooting. I'm just looking for confirmation from Adobe staff that this will be resolved before I take it to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to investigate why you are charging customer's for unusable software.


          This is a user to user Forum, so you are not really addressing Adobe here, even though some Adobe employees thankfully have been dropping by.

          The proper place for Bug Reports is

          Photoshop Family Customer Community

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Outside of a recently discovered (and Adobe-acknowledged) bug with focus-stacking, Photoshop CC 2014.1 works perfectly for me.  And they have already stated they're working on this bug.


            If you're having other problems the implication, since it works very well for a lot of us, is that you have a problem on your computer where it is not providing the Adobe software the functionality or resources it needs to work.


            That you have had an older version work is of no consequence.  It's entirely reasonable that newer versions of the software will require more advanced functionality of the graphics subsystems on your computer.


            That you point out that other people are having problems is of no consequence.  You're not the only person in the world with a computer that's not up to the task for whatever reason, and most people come to the forums to try to resolve problems.


            While we all wish Adobe software would work in a bug-free fashion on every computer anyone decides to use it on, it's impossible to expect cutting-edge software that needs cutting-edge computing support to find that every user has a clean, well-configured, fully up to date and functional computer.  You need to take some responsibility for the choices you've made in setting up your computer.


            You'd be better off asking for specific help here on your particular problems than hoping for someone from Adobe to make a blanket statement that will help you in a court case.  Helping users resolve problems is what we like to do here. 


            Imagine being asked, if you do take this to official channels, whether you have exhausted all avenues of making your computer work right in order to properly run the Adobe software.  Might be embarrassing to learn that all you needed to do was change a configuration option or download a driver.



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              Level 7

              Out of date drivers or bugs in drivers is not a theory -- the number one cause of crashes in Photoshop CC and CC 2014 on Windows is bugs in video card drivers that have already been fixed, but the user has not installed the updates.  Some users think they are up to date because they made the mistake of updating from Microsoft (and getting drivers that are years out of date) instead of updating from the GPU maker's website.  Also, installing Windows 8.1 downgraded any drivers you had installed to the out of date Microsoft versions (with all the old bugs).


              Software depends on the OS and drivers working correctly. If the driver is not working correctly, then the software may encounter bugs in that driver and crash or misbehave.

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                Mr. Doon Level 1

                @c.pfaffenbichler: I didn't want to post here. I was directed to while trying to contact adobe through the support page. Thanks for providing that link though, I'll see what I can find in there.


                @Noel Carboni: You raise some good points but I'm afraid this still doesn't excuse the problem. My drivers are NOT out-of-date or faulty. My computer is less than a year old and as I stated in my original post, I have tried all of the available graphic drivers for my system. That means I have tried the latest drivers provided by the computer manufacturer as well as the latest drivers from Nvidia.


                @Chris Cox: Again, I have already told you that I tried all of the available drivers for my system.


                I work in tech support and I would not be posting here if I hadn't exhausted all other options and troubleshooting. No other software is experiencing a graphic driver problem on this computer.


                I'll post some more info about the error message in the hope that someone can provide some more troubleshooting ideas (as suggested by Noel) but I'm still 100% confident this is an issue with Photoshop.


                Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                  Application Name: Photoshop.exe

                  Application Version:

                  Application Timestamp: 53d97a8f

                  Fault Module Name: igdfcl64.dll

                  Fault Module Version:

                  Fault Module Timestamp: 50185087

                  Exception Code: c0000005

                  Exception Offset: 00000000008059c3

                  OS Version: 6.3.9600.

                  Locale ID: 3081

                  Additional Information 1: 65ba

                  Additional Information 2: 65bae006b899b5456cc1ff5f120565b8

                  Additional Information 3: ba62

                  Additional Information 4: ba624a5152e97436ab138bde56d5f1e3


                P.S. Thanks for changing the name of my post to something that you don't disagree with. Very professional.

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                  Level 7

                  That is not an issue in Photoshop, that is just a bug in your Intel video card driver.  For everyone else, the driver crashes go away when they update their video card drivers.

                  If you have dual GPUs, you might want to disable the integrated part and just use the discrete (and more powerful) GPU.


                  Just because you are not running other software that encounters the driver problems, does not mean that the drivers do not have problems.  It just means that your other applications are not exercising the same part of the driver, or not using it in the same way as Photoshop does.


                  And your original topic title was incorrect and misleading, the new one less so.

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                    Mr. Doon Level 1

                    Thanks for the extra troubleshooting ideas. I have already tried disabling the integrated graphics but this made no difference.


                    "For everyone else, the driver crashes go away when they update their video card drivers." That's strange. I saw plenty of posts stating that updating graphic drivers DIDN'T resolve the issue.


                    OK, I get it. You don't want to admit that Adobe is in the wrong. Let me make things a bit easier.


                    If I completely reset my computer to factory defaults and then update all of my drivers, will you be willing to try fixing this when Photoshop continues to have issues?


                    Incorrect and misleading? Chris, that is your opinion. I don't appreciate having my words manipulated just because you disagree with me.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      >Fault Module Name: igdfcl64.dll


                      You say you have nVidia hardware...  Why do you have Intel graphics drivers running?


                      You say you've disabled the integrated graphics...  What's crashing now?


                      If it's still igdfcl64.dll then you still somehow have Intel graphics drivers running on a system without Intel graphics.  That strikes me as a problem.



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                        Mr. Doon Level 1

                        Thanks for your fast replies Noel and thanks for helping narrow down the problem.


                        Photoshop shouldn't be referencing this .DLL as I have disabled integrated graphics.


                        To clarify, I have an Nvidia graphics card but the computer also has integrated Intel graphics. I originally thought this could have been the problem so I configured Photoshop to only use the graphics card.


                        Once I made this change, I could see Photoshop appearing in the list of software using the graphics card for a moment before it crashes. Thinking the computer was maybe ignoring these settings, I tried running the Photoshop .exe through the windows context menu that allows me to choose which graphics processor is used and made sure to select the Nvidia card. This still produces the same error.


                        Any ideas why Photoshop would reference this .DLL if integrated graphics are disabled for Photoshop?

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                          Level 7

                          That DLL would not be loaded if the Intel driver wasn't active - and that means that the Intel GPU is active.

                          Photoshop does not load those DLLs. The OS loads those DLLs for the active devices on the system.


                          And we know about these bugs in older GPU drivers -- we've seen lots of people stumble over them when they haven't updated their drivers.

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                            Mr. Doon Level 1

                            Well this sucks.


                            After Chris mentioned the fact that the Windows 8.1 update could have overwritten previously installed drivers, I decided to reinstall the internal display drivers as opposed to the drivers for the graphic card that I'm using for Photoshop. Despite the fact that I had already installed this same driver on this computer already (but before the 8.1 update), the reinstall got Photoshop loading again.


                            Now I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong so I must apologise to Chris and Noel for being so short-tempered.



                            If I could have found a thread a month ago that specified ALL display adapters need to be either reinstalled or updated after doing a Windows 8.1 update, I would've had this sorted out ages ago.

                            So yeah, I feel like a bit of a ****** now but hopefully this thread will be helpful for other users with the same problem. To be super clear, I had to to reinstall (maybe update in some scenarios) the driver for the display card that wasn't being used by Photoshop. I suspect this issue would generally only be affecting users with dual-GPU setups. Mainly because if I only had one graphics card, I would've had this resolved the first time I tried updating my "graphics driver".


                            Since you've already mauled my original name for this thread, can I please ask that it be changed to "Unable to launch Photoshop CC 2014 - igdfcl64.dll" instead? Hopefully other users with the same error will have as much luck as I did with this info.  [ Admin note: ok, title changed. ]


                            Or if you could just delete this whole thread so I don't look like a tool... well that'd be just great too.


                            Oh that's right, the internet never forgets.

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                              boho Level 1

                              I've followed  this thread, while I am having one thread running about exactly the same issue.: Cannot open PS CC 2014

                              I'm not that technical strong so could you please give me a step by step description of how to solve the problem. I mean which drivers to update and so on.

                              Thanks in advance!


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                                Noel Carboni Level 8

                                No worries, Mr. Doon, frustration occasionally gets the better of all of us.  As an IT pro I'm sure you see your share of it in users as well.  It's nice of you to follow up with the puppy picture. 


                                Keep in mind we've seen before where a dual GPU setup can be problematic.  Both Chris and I are software engineers with direct experience implementing OpenGL software (though I don't work at Adobe nor on Photoshop) and we know the interfaces under the covers.  Beyond the sheer complexity - which is staggering (a display driver update from ATI or nVidia is 300 megabytes nowadays) - most GPU development is NOT to support serious work (such as Photoshop), but rather video games.  Got to animate that blood spatter in living color!  Not only that, but the standards are evolving very rapidly.  Recently I've been reviewing the list of APIs in OpenGL that are deprecated.  You can't just program old graphics code and leave it.  It is already obsolete!  The more GPU programming you do (which you want to do to accelerate everything), the more you have to keep up with change.  With that much change it's a wonder display drivers work as well as they do, and it's almost a miracle that a combination of two GPUs in the same machine can function (hence common advice to disable the lesser one completely at the BIOS level).


                                By the way, it's always a good idea to review the content of each update in a Windows Update package (I know, that sounds tedious).  Occasionally we find that the display drivers released months prior by the manufacturers make it through the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) and come out through Windows Update.  Usually you want to un-check and hide those WHQL driver updates and get the drivers yourself directly from the manufacturer's web site.  That tends to avoid downgrades or (worse) mixed up driver versions.


                                I'm glad we were able to help point you in the right direction to get Photoshop going.  Best of luck to you in continuing your work with it, and feel free to come back here if you have further questions or problems.



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                                  Mr. Doon Level 1

                                  Luckily for you, Bo, I have some bad karma to fix.


                                  I had a quick look at your thread and the error looks slightly different but a good place to start would be Device Manager.


                                  In Windows 8 or 8.1 you can move your mouse to the bottom-left of the screen and right-click to access some handy shortcuts. Jump into Device Manager.


                                  What have you got listed under "Display adapters"?

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                                    boho Level 1

                                    Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA Quadro K2000M

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                                      Mr. Doon Level 1

                                      Sweet. Same integrated graphics as my computer.


                                      Bearing in mind still that this looks like a different error so don't get your hopes up just yet...


                                      The Intel HD Graphics 4000 was the culprit in my case.


                                      You have two options in this scenario. Download the latest driver from your computer manufacturer (i.e. Acer, ASUS, Toshiba etc) or download the latest driver straight from Intel.


                                      I'd strongly recommend starting with the first option because I don't actually know that the Intel driver is right for your hardware. I just googled "intel hd graphics 4000 driver" and clicked on the first result which just happened to be the official Intel download center.


                                      I actually resolved my issue by sticking with the latest drivers from my manufacturer and that's why I'm not sure about getting your driver from the Intel website. I didn't get as far as testing that so I can't say with 100% confidence that it won't implode the universe.


                                      Good luck!

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                                        boho Level 1

                                        Yes! It's working now.

                                        I installed all new drivers from Intel and NVIDIA and that did not help! But when I, as you suggested downloaded the drivers from Lenovo it worked!

                                        Thanks for your support!


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                                          Mr. Doon Level 1

                                          That's awesome, Bo!


                                          Maybe the universe will give me a bit of good karma back now.

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                                            can anyone read this? im so losted 

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