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    Web Service Not Working

    CFMLGuru Level 1
      I have a simple web service that I can call the WSDL to directly but when I try to use cfinvoke or
      http://www.mindreef.net/tide/scopeit/start.do?referer=xmethods&url=https://www.hometownquo tes.com/objects/Auto.cfc?WSDL this is not coming up. I tried going through the CF administrator and it doesn't recognize the web service.

      <cfcomponent displayname="Auto.cfc" hint="Public Web Service to Return Makes and Models for Auto Insurance Policies">
      <cffunction name="getMakesWS" access="remote" returntype="string" displayname="getMakes" description="Returns a list of available makes for a given year">
      <cfargument name="strYear" type="string" required="yes" hint="either 'Prior to 1981' or a 4 digit year">
      <cfargument name="intAffiliateID" type="numeric" required="yes" hint="Your affiliate ID">
      <cfargument name="strAffiliatePass" type="string" required="yes" hint="Your affiliate Password">

      <cfstoredproc datasource="Mydatasource" procedure="MyProcedure">
      <cfprocparam ...>
      Return results;
      Return '';