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    Import video stereo format  flv. Why the export is in mono ?


      Hello !


      I was working on Presenter from a few weeks by now. I have a problem about the sound of the video.


      I have some video on FLV (a format supported by Presenter) which is in stereo.

      When I import this video throught Presenter, there is an error message which warm me : "The program have encountred an error with the file. It's possible that you can't read of share this correctly. Do you really want to insert this file ?"


      I click ok and the video is insert correctly. But when I export it on a package, the sound of the  swf is in mono only on the video (the others mp3 are in stereo). Do you have a solution for this problem ? I try to find something on the setting or on the Adobe Presener guide but find anything...



      If somebody can help, please ?


      (Pardon my english, i'm not a native speaker :/)