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    When saving out transparent web pngs, they are showing up 'dirty' in other applications (like Gimp). Help?


      I've linked one of the images in question; a 16x16 px icon for a settings page we're using. When this image is opened in another program (Gimp, in this case- the dev team does not have Photoshop), they are finding 'dirty pixels'. Specifically, if you are looking at the image, just above the base row of blue, where it should be white, it's showing up as a 10% transparent blue row all the way across. This does not appear in Photoshop, nor can I remove this area by deleting, etc.


      I assume the issue is either how it's being saved out, in which case, is there a best way of saving out small transparent web images? Or, the issue is with Gimp (which I would be happy with), I am just not familiar with the application to know. Or, I am just creating the images wrong.