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    dreamweaver had added thousands of blank lines to my code - also


      The discussion titled "

      dreamweaver had added thousands of blank lines to my code"

      is locked for good reason.

      However, the bug is real, is dreamweavers, and while i dont have a fix, there is a workaround.


      The error happens when fetching a file via ftp INSIDE dreamweaver. Fetching via another ftp program produces correct results.

      It happens fetching from dramweaver cs4 on windows 7, with code format CR LF (Windows).


      A WORKAROUND, not a fix, is to set line break format toLF (Unix), which works for almost all windows programs except notepad.


      A FIX would be an option to do binary transfer for all file types. In fact that should be the default.


      It is triggered (not caused) by editing on remote system, OR by editing on Windows, and copying in binary mode to remote system.


      In this case Dreamweaver inserts a crlf for each cr, and for each lf, doubling the crlf's, Most definitely a bug.


      Having said the above, I offer this. Having done software for decades, I have been on both sides of the frustration offered by the original discussion.

      Not being able to reproduce the problem is frustrating, but an inappropriate response from any company to a bug report is "that didn't happen".


      In this case, a modicum of logic would suggest line ends are being doubled, and a bug fix from there is pretty easy. Not being able to reproduce it

      would pretty easily be replaced by having a look at the code.


      While the discussion devolved to inappropriate responses on BOTH sides, it is understandable to me why someone being told that the bug they

      encountered didn't happen would become angry, and Adobe could use that discussion as a training exercise for its employees, to problem solve

      ways for more productive dialogs to occur. "that didn't happen" is quite likely the most infuriating response possible.


      failing to get this bug fixed damages Adobe much more than it damages the individual who reported it. A quick google will show literally hundreds

      of people were affected by this bug, and in general for every person who posts, a hundred others read it. The math suggest this trivial bug

      impacted a lot of users, and so impacted Adobe's reputation for both quality and customer service. Does Adobe want 10,000 unhappy customers?


      I hope it is clear I am trying to offer constructive comments. Best regards to all.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Here's the problem - the site is hosted on a Unix server, and you are operating on a Windows workstation. The Line break preference should always be set to match the OS on the host not on your local system. The spaces that you are seeing are caused by the fact that Unix uses only Line Feeds to separate lines. When your server line break type is a mismatch DW thinks that the file you just fetched needs to be formatted because the lines run together. In formatting the lines, DW will insert the CR/LF pair, which results in an EXTRA LINE in your code. If you switch your host line break to Unix, then DW knows not to try to correct the missing (non-printable) characters it finds in the fetched file but rather to replace the linefeed with CR/LF.


          This is not a bug - it's the intended behavior. And it has been so since DW2.

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            Mr-Bi11 Level 1

            I appreciate the response, but it does not match the facts.

            Examining the file downloaded in binary, it has crlf line breaks.

            Examining the same file downloaded by Dreamweaver, each line now has TWO crlf's or crlf crlf.


            This is a bug, and it belongs to dreamweaver.

            Other ftp programs download the file correctly in both ascii and binary mode.


            I didn't post without testing my conclusions, rather my conclusions came from my tests.

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Did you upload the file after first creating it with the proper server preference settings?

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                Mr-Bi11 Level 1

                Earth to....



                Irrelevant. There is no excuse for dreamweaver to fail to do a correct ftp transfer when other ftp programs have no problem in doing so.

                That is why its a bug. Adobe's program corrupts <some> files during file transfer in <some circumstance> that no other ftp program ever corrupts in any circumstance.


                Having said that, I have been doing this 3+ decades, I know how to set settings.

                I also know the correct answer to "Your program added thousands of blank lines to my file" is not

                "This is not a bug - it's the intended behavior. "