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    Fnord ProEXR Integration for AE CC - Missing Options?


      So CC has the integration of ProEXR from Fnord apparently now - new OpenEXR and DPX importers for After Effects CC (12.0): better performance and additional functionality | After Eff…


      Cool... Thing is that in the past using ProEXR to import a EXR sequence was two clicks and super easy. Just go to "file" and select the option shown below -




      This option is not included with CC though? I'm running a trial version right now and will be buying soon, but really would like this option so I don't need to go over and extract each individual layer out of an EXR manually... So two questions-


      1. Am I completely missing something here?


      2. Will ProEXR plugin bought from the fNord site function in CC like it used to in CS6 and 5.5? Cause if so I'll spend the extra 70 and buy it just to get this option back.



      Thanks everybody for any responses.