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    Convert a flash form to PDF upon submission?

      I'm new to Flash so bear with me. I've been coding ASP forms for years and have a calendar request form that the user can reserve rooms, resources, etc. The form is submitted as HTML and emailed to our Events Coordinator who processes the request. I would like to port this form into a Flash form. I've searched and searched, but I can't seem to find any way to make the Flash form convert itself to a PDF so than I can email it to the event coordinator. I know I could take the Flash form results, load them in an ASP page, then email that HTML just like I have been doing. But, I am wanting to make it a little fancier than that (and save the time creating the ASP results page). Is this even possible? If it is not convertable to PDF, what about emailing the form results some other way besides in HTML?