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    Lightroom 4 won't open


      I bought Lightroom 2 in 2008 and upgraded it to 4. It's been working perfect and suddenly, a day after I had just used it, it won't open. It starts and then all I get is a spinning wheel (iMac). If I uninstall it and install the older version how can I get it back to the Version 4?

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          kschlea Level 1

          Hello, Adobe?? Don't you read these?? I'm looking for an answer to my dilemma. Thanks in advance!

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This is the User to User forum...

            Tell us a bit more about your system and where things are... and exactly which version of Lightroom you have, OS, etc....

            The last version of Lr4 can be downloaded from here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5599

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              kschlea Level 1

              Hi Geoff ~ Thanks for the reply. The computer I'm having the problem with is my iMac using OS 10.9.4. I purchased Lightroom in 2008 and it was Version 2. Since then I upgraded (can't remember when) to Version 4.4. It's worked perfect up until earlier this month. I had used it a few days and then went to open it and it started normally and then the spinning wheel comes up and nothing happens - no windows open telling me there's a problem. If I open the Force Quit window it says that Lightroom "is not respoonding". I'm wondering it I uninstall it and then install the Version 2 CD can I then just upgrade it from the link you sent me?


              OK.... not to make this long but before I was going to send the above reply I thought I'd try going to the link you sent and try and upgrade what I have now. Well...... IT WORKED! I've opened Lightroom twice so, as of now, problem solved. Thanks!


              P.S. Do you l live in New Zealand? Got to travel there in my younger days surfing and playing. I dream of going back someday. Such an amazing country!