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    how to colorize and old black and white video? please suggest easy ways :)

    nihal nonto

      1- please tell me more than a way of how to colorize the black and white movie ..!
      what is the best way to do that in less time as possible (actually i found it a hard work ).  please tell me there's a way to make it




      2- also i want to know if there is a palette of color value numbers . let me make it more understandable
      when i applied the color balance effect on an adjustment layer (using AE)  to have a try to color a frame,  i got the RGB values to control by which the color i want. so i found it a little hard to get far a way from the orange , purple , green , pink , red , gray and blue colors via combining the values .. so i am asking if there is a palette that could help me to mix color values and get more colors!!!


      3- what programs could do this? i have an idea that after effects could do it but what else?