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    Transition Problem


      Hi I am using Premiere elements 12

      After adding transitions to my video and rendering it.

      when playing back it jump and jerk just at the point where transition was added.

      any help  please???



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on? What specific video transition are you using and what alignment and trimmed or untrimmed video clips?


          You may be dealing with trimmed versus untrimmed video clips, Trim a few frames off the end of the first video in the pair, and trim a few frames off the beginning of the second video in the pair. Apply the transition and note the results.


          The following is a blog post on how transition work which may be helpful.


          The principles regarding trimmed and untrimmed video clips is applicable to your version 12 and other versions.


          Please let us know the outcome.





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            Musstang Level 1

            Hi there,


            I am having the same problem as above using Premiere Elements 13, but am only using still images opposed to video??


            The transitions look fine in the when playing back in the viewer, and when rendered to an electronic file, but jump around horribly when burned to DVD (which we have to do).


            Help would be greatly appreciated.