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    Custom marking of InDesign Document for ePub


      I am looking for a way to place a marker in an InDesign file that appears in the resulting epub's markup yet does not affect the print version when creating a pdf.

      The ideal solution would be something like highlighting certain paragraphs in InDesign and it would result in a div tag with a class attribute wrapping those paragraphs in the epub.


      The situation is something like this:

      Original intent for the product was print, we decided to do ePub version years later.

      Certain sections need the lines to be indented if they reflow onto a second line on a given device. The lines in a given section may have different paragraph styles applied to them which is why option 3 or 4 below would work and also why I can't give them all the same paragraph style.


      The options we have come up with so far are:

      1. Create a paragraph style with zero leading and place before and after the desired section.  Edit the file and use a regex find and replace in Dreamweaver to change to div tags. This options biggest pitfall is that it is just hard to see/locate them in InDesign.

      2. Mark the first and last characters of the selection with character styles and then do a regex find and replace in Dreamweaver.  Biggest pitfall here is that I don't think it is possible to have multiple characters styles on the same text if needed.

      3. Use paragraph style overrides. The problems I see here is that it bloats the ePub and I cannot give the override a name (is it even possible to give a custom name to paragraph style overrides?).

      4. Take the time to replace each of paragraph styles something like: par-a-reflow-indent, par-b-reflow-indent, par-c-reflow-indent and so on (there are a ton).


      We are using CS6.  Would also like to know if Creative Cloud has any added features that support something like this.