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    WebHelp window freezes while modal dialog box is up

    MikeWH Level 1
      When using WebHelp from an MFC app, i.e. launching a topic, it creates an ATL (CAxWindow) in-process. If you don't close the current help topic, and launch a modal dialog in your application, then the WebHelp window is frozen until you leave the dialog box.

      I would like my WebHelp window to operate exactly the same way as an HTMLHelp or WinHelp window does, i.e. if you leave it up and switch back to the launching application, you can access it fully.

      How would you suggest this be implemented? I was thinking either create a separate thread, or create a separate process that does nothing but launch WebHelp. If the latter, then I'll have to maintain the lifetime of this process, figure out a way to pass info to it, etc.