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    Display Performance features are extremely unreliable


      Display Performance in InDesign is erratic.


      1) The setting in the View Menu does not always change the one in the preference.

      2) Images which I know for certain are in VERY high resolution do not always display at high resolution.  Often changing, DOCUMENT WIDE, just because I left the program to work in another.

      3) Sometimes a single placed document will have a problem with display settings, sometimes ALL the documents will change.

      4) I have never been able to tie the problems to document versions, or menu settings or color space or ANYTHING.


      In the absence of a fix, does anybody have some advice about making the behavior of this feature more consistent?


      I'm trying to check the images in a 215 page document for resolution problems and I cannot do that if I can't count on InDesign to display the images with their native resolution!