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    JPGs loaded with loadMovie appear trimmed

    sergio_zambrano Level 1
      I don't like the lack of synch dynamically loaded images suffer against vectors when animated, specifically a thin stroke for a JPG loaded with loadMovie, so I've included it on the dinamically loaded JPGs, using the last outer pixels of the image.

      It should be shown as it was saved - with a 1px outher white frame, but instead there appears a double white frame at the top and left sides, and NONE at the right and bottom sides.

      At some point I though it could be like a pattern of JPGs shifted 1px inside a mask the size of the JPG, but the double frame at top and left are not from the JPG. I just filled the last right bottom pixels with red, and they don't show at the top left.
      It seems like the loadMovie loads the image as some flash importers do with images. That is a white box the size of the image, filled with a "picture" fill, 1px _X and 1px _Y shifted, of course.

      Has anybody experienced this odd behavior?