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    Double Integer

      I am creating a digital timer and using the below code in a frame script, however when the seconds of the clock go below 10 it is shown in the field as 9 instead of 09! Does anyone know a solution to this - i.e. by setting the text of the field to a double integer?
      global gvGameTimeSeconds, gvGameTimeMinutes
      on enterFrame
      gvGameTimeMinutes = 5
      gvGameTimeSeconds = ("00")
      on exitFrame me
      gvGameTimeMinutes = 4
      gvGameTimeSeconds = 59-(the timer/59)
      put gvGameTimeSeconds into field "seconds"
      if 59-(the timer/59) > 0 then
      go to the frame
      go to the frame+1
      end if
      if gvGameTimeSeconds = 00 then
      gvGameTimeMinutes = gvGameTimeMinutes -1
      put gvGameTimeMinutes into field "minutes"
      end if

      Many Thanks,