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    Question about albums.


      When I try to open a album I do not get a dialog box. I can make an album because the box on the right is open. However, I am unable to open any album categories because when I click on the arrow next to plus sign I also do not get any dialog box. What can I do. I just downloaded Premier.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What did you just download - Premiere Elements 12? And, what computer operating system is involved?


          Is this the dialog that you are not getting - the one for creating new albums?


          Or is your focus on opening albums in Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace Add Media/Elements Organizer?



          In the Premiere Elements 12 Editor Expert workspace Add Media/Elements Organizer opens to what you see in

          this second screenshot. I have created 2 albums in the Elements Organizer 12 beforehand. In the left column,

          I open Local Albums to see my two named Albums. If I want Album A pictures, I click on Album A in the left column

          and view the images to the right which are in that album. Same for Album B.


          After I select the files in Album A, I click the Add Files button which will be active at that point. Those files are then

          imported in the project - Project Assets and Timeline.


          Please explain where in the above processes you are running into difficulties.


          Thank you.



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            hawki67 Level 1

            It is premier 12 and we use windows 8. I just upgraded to premier 12. I tried rebooting the system and the

            dialog boxes came up and after working with premier for awhile they stopped working. Could it be my

            system rather than premier 12? And then what do I do? I am by far no computer whiz. We have never

            been very happy with windows 8 and we seem to have constant problems. We don't know whether it

            is the operating system, the programs, or the computer.


            I appreciate your quick response. Premier looks wonderful and looks very much what I need. Photoshop

            is just a bit out of my league.


            Phil Bowman

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Phil Bowman


              Thanks for the reply.


              Referring to my post numbered 1 in your thread....where does the problem exist

              a. In the Elements Organizer


              b. In Premiere Elements workspace Add Media/Elements Organizer


              c. both


              What are the computer resources for your Windows 8 64 bit computer - installed and available RAM and free hard drive space?

              Are you having any other problems when working with Premiere Elements -  seeing the options under the programs menus?

              How large is the project when the problem occurs - number of Timeline files and total duration of that Timeline content?


              Let us focus in on the above and then decide where the details are taking us in troubleshooting.





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                hawki67 Level 1


                I apologize for not getting back sooner. I have 3.89 GB available RAM and about 62 GB available on my hard drive.

                I had just downloaded Premier and was just starting to work with it for the first time. My computer had just been

                reformatted because we had had a virus/trojan horse so all of my previous stuff on Elements 9 had been erased

                by the technician. (all the photos and albums and such in Elements. I had my photos backed up so I didn't lose them.)

                I was thus trying to make new albums and categories and had just begun. I believe I was in Elements Organizer. But

                12 is much different than the old Elements 9. The project was not large because I had just started and had not imported

                many photos as of yet and was basically starting all over.