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    Has anyone seen the Search progress bar fail to update as the search is processed?


      I recently upgraded from RH9 to RH10 ( I applied all of the maintenance for RH10 listed on William van Weelden's site and generated WebHelp output. When viewing the output on the server through a browser, I occasionally see a delay in producing the search results list, but the Search progress bar never moves from Searching 0% while the search is executing and finally the search results list is displayed. Has anyone else experienced this?

      P.S. This may be irrelevant to this issue, but I can use the same search arguments at different times throughout the day and get the same results list of 700+ topics in 2 seconds or in some cases two minutes. I have attributed the difference in elapsed time to server workload or network resources. Could it be problem with a script file?


      Message was edited by: SHERYL JORNA I just saw a thread that described this problem, https://forums.adobe.com/message/4887676#4887676, but am surprised Adobe has not officially rolled out the fix. @PeterGrainge can you still provide the fix?