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    Indesign CS6 when text box is adjusted it doesn't adjust text with it


      Hi Adobe Community,


      In the past I have been using Adobe CS5.5 and when using Indesign I would make a text box, input some text and when I needed the text box to be narrower, as I am adjusting the box with the selection tool the text would be responsive and move and adjust to fit within the box as you were changing the text box. So you could see the text move as you were making the box around it smaller.


      Now I have just gone to do the same thing in InDesign CS6 but when moving the text box it simply moves past the text and the text doesn't move with it (not responsive with the text box adjusting) so I am left guessing where the text will sit and it provides a few goes until it I get it right..


      So what I am asking is there a box that I need to tick in preferences or something in CS6 so that the text will move as I adjust its bounding box like it moves in CS5.5?


      Please help as this is really bothering me!