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    How to remove bounding box ghost lines over photos?


      I built a 20 page catalogue with InDesign 5.5, with photos along 1 side of the page.  I have printed this catalogue many times with good results.  I am once again reprinting this catalogue and I am getting faint black lines over the photos about 1inch apart.  It appears that some of the lines are in line with the bounding box, but some are not.  The stroke is set to 0.   This is the first time I am printing this catalogue with my present computer.  I have used this computer to print color images and everything worked fine.  The print driver is (unidvr Printer Driver, version 6.1.7601.17514).   I have replaced the fuser unit and transfer assembly on my HP 3700n printer.

      What can be done to elevate these lines?