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    The "edit in" does not launch if I make any develop changes.  I am using LR 5.6 and all of my plug ins are properly installed, up to date and were working just fine.  Edit in does work if I reset the image or load an unmodified DNG.


      I am using LR5.6 on a Windows 7 machine with plenty of memory.  LR, CS5 and all of my plug ins have been working just fine.  Tonight I've found that if I make any kind of significant adjustments to an image, and the go to "Edit in.." that function does not launch.  I can use the Edit in command on an unmodified image, or if I reset the modified image.  I have the issue with all of my plug ins, including Photoshop, all of the Nik software, RadLab, and OnOne.  I believe that all of the plug ins are current.  I've been working with them yesterday and I had no issue.  I cannot recall anything that has changed since then, and I have not installed any software.  I'm at a loss!!  Please help!