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    Declare Variables AS2 verses Variables AS3

      I am fairly familiar with Flash, however, I have just recently taken a class in ActionScript 2 as I had no experience whatsoever working with ActionScript. I now have a basic knowledge of how it works, however, I have Flash CS3 and so when I have tried declaring a variable with code like I learned from AS2, it doesn't work. I have perused through the "variables" section of AS forum files and have yet to figure it out. Is there something else that I need to add to the code? I realize you can still write AS2 code in CS3 but I'd like to learn AS3 as well.

      For example...an instance of Circle called mcCircle1 is on the stage. So in my code, I write:

      var mcCircle1:MovieClip;

      When I trace mcCircle1 this is the error message that comes up in the "Compiler Errors":

      1151: A conflict exists with definition mcCircle1 in namespace internal.

      Am I just missing something simple here?? I'm confused... :$