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    Why does LR5 crop the RW2 files from my Pansonic G5?

    Planck Studios Level 1

      Maybe someone can help me make sense of this.  I'm using LR 5.2 and Photoshop CC. 


      When I preview my raw files in Windows photo viewer (using the MS Camera Codec Pack), there's a fair amount of image information on the edges that is not making it's way into LR/ACR.  I checked and have no import presets being applied and lens correction options are not enabled.


      I thought setting the aspect ratio on the G5 at 4:3 captured the largest sensor area and I would be sacrificing the least amount of data.  Somehow Windows can view more data on these raw files.  I tested a few. In both LR and ACR via Photoshop CC.


      I want to get to this data! Anyone know why LR/ACR isn't letting me get to it?