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    Lightroom 5.6 controls are switching?


      I updated to Lightroom 5.6 via Creative Cloud. I am very confused by the controls being inconsistent Some of the recent galleries have Recovery, Fill Light, Brightness controls (which I remember from Lr 4 but have not used in quite awhile). Other galleries I have Highlights, Shadows, and Whites controls, which is what I was using before the update. When I check for updates withing each gallery I get "The software is up to date"  But when I move from one gallery to another, I am having to change the "way I think" and there does not seem to be a way to get it back to normal.  What going on? 

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          areohbee Level 6

          Fill Light & Brightness.. are present when photo was last edited using a legacy process version (2003 or 2010).

          Shadows & Highlights.. are present when photo was last edited using current process version: 2012.

          To switch process versions: use the camera calibration section in develop module (at the bottom), or if you want to go legacy -> current, just click the lightning bolt under the histogram, or use the Settings menu: Update to Current Process Version (2012).


          PS - new photos are always current process version, unless you apply a preset upon import to change that.., but old photos stay whatever they were forever, or until you change them - thus the reason why some are one process version, and some are another process version..

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            wgphoto13 Level 1

            The crazy thing is that these are all new photos.  All galleries created, images imported, within days of each other. I suspect something is still weird with the update.  I had to seek adobe tech support because I lost use of Lr completely after the update.  I will try your fix on the wacked out galleries - these are new photos with the older process version for some reason.  Thanks for your help.    

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              elie-d Level 4

              "Gallery" is not a term used by Lightroom, but if you mean "catalog", I would strongly advise not creating multiple catalogs, which is contrary to the intentions of the designers and can be very inconvenient because you can open only one catalog at a time, and instead use one large catalog with collections, keywords and the various ranking tags to organize your photos.

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                wgphoto13 Level 1

                Yes, sorry about the wrong term.  I meant catalog.  I was trained by Kevin Kubota (many years ago) in the creation of each client having their own catalog.  I works perfectly great for wedding and portrait photographers but I can see that for commercial and personal work and such, one catalog may be better.