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    InDesign CS 5.5 for MAC singel-user - Deinstallation and reinstallation on another MAC


      We have an Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 single-user license for MAC. It was installed on one MAC (MAC no. 1) approx. two years ago but need to move it to another MAC (MAC no. 2). We have tried to deinstall the programme from MAC no. 1. Next we have tried installing the same license on MAC no.2. However, with no result - we receive an error message saying that the stated serial number is not valid. Supposedly this is because the programme was incorrectly deinstalled from MAC no. 1. Questions: 1. How do we make sure the programme has been correctly deinstalled from the MAC no. 1? 2. If the programme has been incorrectly deinstalled from MAC no. 1, how can we repeat the process on MAC no. 1 and make sure it is done correctly? Thanks!