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    I have updated Edge Animate and Adobe muse and my animations still don't show


      I have gone through all the forums I could find, like this one Re: Internet Explorer 11 doesn't play Edge animation. and my when my client goes to my test link, the animations still don't show on his side. He has tried on two different windows based laptops, and as far as I know he has tried on Chrome and IE. I read somewhere that I could replace the .oam file with inserting the html and including the "publish for web" files, but then I suspect I won't be able to link that to the scroll effects panel in Muse.


      I have updated both Adobe Muse and Edge Animate, republished my .oam files and re-inserted to my project, exported and made a test live again and still my client says it doesn't show up on his machine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for anyone that can help with this!