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    Problem with Lightroom 5: how to connect the app with my original pictures which are on a external hard disk and, once this resolved,  how to create virtual pictures


      A friend has  installed Lightroom 5  on my MacBook air. he  transferred all my picture that were on my IPhone an on Iphoto on Lightroom but without making virtual copies systematically. He put the original (real?) pictures on a external hard disk under Data_photos folder to allow more memory space on my Mac book Air. My problem now that when I connect the external hard disk with my computer the connexion does not happen automatically. it is like if Lightromm does not recognize the path to get connected to the original/real picture and therefore I cannot see pictures with all their potential and I cannot work on these. I am stuck! What should I do to 1) create this link? 2) create then virtual copies in order to be able to work on my computer without been obliged to connect my external hard disk to be able to use the application Lightroom. The friend who helped me disappeared! He is not in Japan and unable to help me.I hope you can help me. I have been looking for support to apple stores, photo shops, computer specialists but I have not found the expert capable to help me. I am leaving in Geneva. And believe that I should have some one with me physically to resolve a problem which I believe is not a serious one if one knows lghtroom an dinformatic basics... thank in advance to come back to me asap !!!!