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    LR5 download and first use


      I just bought LR5. i installed it on my PC. the icon LR5.6 shows on the hard drive. however, when i click on it, i get a window asking me to sign up for the free version. this is the only option i ahve. so i have not been able to actually open LR. can someone please help me?

      seems trivial but it is not... thanks in advance for your help!

      ps: when basically you can not run an adobe product, is there not a support line you can call? i am based in France, and there is absolutely no phone number anywhere...

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          unikuser91 Level 1

          just so that you know how this got sorted out, in case of interest:

          after much frustrations, and 2 tecchie friends trying to help me and not figuring out, i finally called Adobe Customer support! basically, what happened is that in the process of downloading LR, i signed up for the cloud (they prompt you to do so) and ended up downloading the LR cloud version, instead of the LR standard version. then of course my serial number was not working.

          the tech support helped me disintall the version i had downloaded, and send me a link to the proper one.