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    Edge Animate - Mismatched braces

    Andy Allcott

      Hi There


      I was creating an animation to go into a clients webpage and all was good until I noticed a little red cross at the bottom of the screen.


      When I clicked on it I got this message.


      Syntax error at line 158: Mismatched Braces


      A strange thing just above where the line where a red dot is indicating the syntax error, there is a block of code mentioning an   //Edge symbol: 'home_button'

      which I have deleted from the elements panel.


      Now the animation outputs browser but totally ignores my Triggers to stop the animation playing.


      I've looked at the code and have no idea what's wrong, actually not sure what to look for.


      Can anyone help? I'm happy to send any or all the files for someone to help me.


      Cheers Andy