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    Coldfusion Builder 3... Poor poor poor


      I have to admit that I am greatly disappointed with CFB 3. The loss of something as simple as FTP synchronization is ridiculous. The time I have spent trying to find a work around has been fruitless. The eclipse RES plugin has a bug, so it doesn't work. Installing the Aptana plugin is somewhat functional but you are constantly jumping between views to code. The built in "import/export" feature is a sad excuse for FTP synchronization and generally doesn't work. Code hinting is hit and miss, loss of word warp and the list goes on. Further more, the interface is not intuitive and help documentation is spotty and less then helpful.


      I've installed CFB 3 as an eclipse plugin (which runs faster and smoother) as well as stand alone. Both being a vast disappointment. To further my disappointment, it's quite apparent that no one from the CFB team monitors or responds to any posts on this forum.