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    Button Destination keeps resetting

    Eavisgrebe Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I manage an technical directory that is made up of four large Indesign files in a Book document. It's updated monthly with an Interactive PDF on the website and as such I have navigation buttons to take me to the contents page (in P1) and the index in (P4). I'm having a maddening problem with the contents button. I set it up to (on click) take me to the contents page which I've tried setting up as  a bookmark, a hyperlink destination, a text anchor, a 'go to page', the works. Yet as soon as I unclick on the button and reclick it again the name that appears in the 'destination' field in the buttons panel just resets to to the title at the top of that list, which isn't the page I'm trying to connect to. When I export to Interactive PDF the button is non functional. I've tried moving the bookmark/text anchor I'm linking to out of the TOC, I've tried trashing my settings, I think I've tried every iteration to get this thing working and it's driving me completetly crazy, so I turn to you for help. The really mad thing is that I've had this working in previous uploads and haven't had a problem. Q - How can I edit the list of things that appear in my 'document' or 'destination' boxes in the button panel, because I've noticed the name of the document appears twice in there for some reason. I can only assume this is what is buggering up my buttons. I really wanted to get this done today because I'm going in holiday tomorrow.  Any sage advice you could offer me would be amazing!