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    How to get no buffer accumulation on the server side?


      Hello guys, how are you?


      I'm trying to deploy a low latency stream.


      Once I start the stream from the FMLE encoder, I get very low latency on the client side, but if there is any internet connection instability, and auto adjust performs, the result is:

      First a break stream on the client side (that's normal), but after the video is back I see a accumulation of delay, or buffer, like if the server was retaining buffer. Is there a way to always keep the buffer to a certain value of seconds? so my stream has always a low latency, no matter what?


      Here is my setup:


      Encoder side:

      Enconding from FMLE

      1280x720 60p h.264

      Keyframe interval 1sec

      autoadjust enabled


      Server side:

      Adobe FMS 5.0


      Client side:


      bufferlenght set to 0.1



      Thank you in advance