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    image scroller

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      I started out at kirupa forum but am not getting help so I'm posting here.

      I was trying to make a scroller like this one

      http://yzdesignatrium.com/ - select Portfolio

      when I stumbled upon the kirupa Adding Thumbnials tutorial


      Here is what I have so far

      As you can see the spacing between my thumbnails is not correct. I did
      read through the code, specifically this line but I can not see what I
      need to change

      target_mc._x = hit_left._x+(target_mc._width+5)*k;

      Here is a copy of the fla

      I worked on the code this morning. Here is a link to a copy of the swf
      with changes made to try and pick up the width of the previous image.
      I'm getting closer but still do not have it correct. I guess I still do
      not know why the one line uses *k.

      I would appreciate any help. Or if someone know of another tutorial?