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    What's the background of making Adobe Audition?

    Roger74 Level 1

      It's a rhetorical question.


      As I can see, Adobe Audition is a poser software, not for doing things efficiently, but just to pose with Adobe family. This family is too big and no one is a outstanding.

      Maybe Premiere, but that's another story.


      I was a long time user of Sony Vegas (which has an excellent flow). But the new employer has a licence of Adobe Audition CS6 only.


      Things are just weird in Adobe Audition CS6. The workflow is pain in the a**. Not very logical. Even the most simple things, like scrolling horizontally, make me sick.

      Not to mention shortcuts and settings. I'm surprised, that there are any at all. Then menu entries... really?

      I could go with a list, but Audition makers won't understand it.


      I guess the programmers are without any practical knowledge of editing.


      Think guys, there are some very efficient audio editors/trackers out there. Watch and learn. Or better, get you own ideas!!!



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          RGTV Level 1

          Adobe Audition originated as Cool Edit back in the 1990's, which was always a kind of cheap alternative to the much more well-rounded multitrack editors of its day. Having used Cool Edit back in the day, I can say that while Audition CC may not be the most intuitive DAW out there it is light years better than what it was.