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    JPEG scripting export with renaming


      script should export indesign document pages as jpgs and name each jpg based on the job number (ABCD123456) + the dimensions of jpg from metadata. jpg should be 72dpi at maximum quality RGB. (eg. ABCD123456_300x250.jpg)


      name of active (open) indesign file:


      ABCD123456_DATA MERGE_ALL.indd (multiple page document)


      export jpgs into user specified folder or automatic folder created based on folder name or job number:


      example folder name: ABCD123456_jpgs


      jpg names will be


      ABCD123456_DATA MERGE_ALL.jpg

      ABCD123456_DATA MERGE_ALL1.jpg

      ABCD123456_DATA MERGE_ALL2.jpg


      change document (jpg) name to:


      ABCD123456_widthxheight.jpg  (eg. ABCD123456_300x250.jpg)


      can pixel dimensions be pulled from metadata?