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    implementing mousewheel support

      Hi all,

      I have a small Windows project that the client has requested wheelmouse/scrollwheel implementation on. There are three "scrollable" elements in the project. Two scrolling components (tree and scrollPane) contained within a single Flash sprite that fills the main stage, and an Impressario (v2) sprite presented in an MIAW.

      In theory it is straightforward....

      1. Director app checks to see if it is the active application, if so then...
      2. Is the mouse pointer within a scrollable region in the upper most window, if so..
      3. Pass scroll message to the appropriate sprite.

      I have an Impressario sprite in an MIAW, so all I need to there is attach the behavior to that sprite. (Though, I have found that the wheelMouse Xtra, or the Impressario sprite, gets spastic when the sprite is in an MIAW and not on the main stage.)

      The main stage has a single Flash SWF with two static scroll regions. One is not always on the screen and one is constantly there. As far as I can determine, the best approach with the Flash sprite is to place two invisible sprites over the two distinct scroll regions in the Flash SWF. (Keeping in mind that the stage is resizeable proportional to the dimensions of the Flash sprite.) For the Flash SWF, I can place a function on the main timeline that intercepts and directs the scroller.

      If there is anyone that might be interested in assisting with this and has a couple of hours to spare between now and Monday AM, please contact me. Conceptually, it's all straightforward, but I'm so incredibly pressed for time, its worth it to me to pay someone for a few hours to do the coding and do it right.

      If I don't get any takers, obviously I'll have to bang it out myself at some point in the wee hours of Monday using either Gary Smith's mouseWheel or the Mouse Control Xtra from Andrade Arts.