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    MacBook Air stolen recently. Can I re-install my purchased standalone LR5 onto a new laptop?


      I purchased a standalone version of LR5 in February of this year.My  MacBook Air was stolen a few days ago (so sad), and I want to know - can re-install LR5 onto a new laptop (I have the serial number and my previous laptop was the first installation)?


      This is a side question that perhaps I need to post into another thread, but I have over 7000 photos backed up onto an external HD, many of which were edited, yet previously I had lost many of those edits when I retrieved the images from the ext HD. 


      I have been managing my library outside of LR5 and only making LR5 aware of the location when I am editing a set, rather than importing into a main catalog inside of LR5. If the raw files are saved elsewhere (ext HD for example), then where is the non-destructive edit information saved, and should I be doing something different in the future in order to preserve the edits I have made? 


      Typically, when I am finished with a set, I have been exporting them as full-sized jpegs, which I know are saved, but how do I keep from losing the edits that haven't been exported?


      Thanks in advance...