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    Two questions about the logistics of PDF for review...

    kdeuler Level 1

      Hi experts. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the RH feature "Create PDF for Review". I've come across a couple concerns...


      1. The instructions say that the source RH files shouldn't be edited/altered while a PDF document of the same material is out for review. This is understandable from a synchronizing perspective. But I'm wondering if any of you think it's a non-starter that the source material is locked. I often can't wait for people to return comments, even by a requested deadline, before making edits. This is my first foray into RH docs, and right now I'm more inclined to use cut-and-paste-in-emails to request and receive doc comments.
      2. For those of you who do use the feature, and use the shared PDF option, do you know of a service that will host the group-commentable PDFs? Adobe used to have a service for this, but it seems like it is no more. And our IT guy is super security conscious and is so far resistant to have a group-writable directory on one of our servers.


      Thanks in advance for your replies.


      Kurt Euler