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    Does RoboHelp/Adobe support any type of HTML doc access authorization?


      Hi. Do any of you know if RoboHelp 11 supports any type of access rights to published HTML docs?


      My company has a basic product that all customers have access to. We also have "premium" products that are available to customers who pay for them, and at the moment we prefer not to expose the premium products' docs to customers who haven't purchased those products. What I'd like to be able to do is have some way that a customer can log in to access the basic HTML docs and, based on their login rights, have links to the premium docs be made visible and link to the HTML docs for those products.


      Note that for now, I'm OK with maintaining separate RH  projects for the basic doc set, and one for each premium doc set. (Each would have their own search domain.)


      Thanks in advance!


      -Kurt Euler