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    Lightroom 4.4 will not send to Blurb


      When I click the "Send to Blurb" button in Lightroom 4.4, nothing happens. HOW do I send book to blurb from Lightroom 4.4

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          Hey, I'm not alone ...


          Well, I think I also get no response. Not by Adobe and when I look at your mail is from 13/08/2014 then I know it's just not wanted ... It is really a pity kidding the user to simply take away a feature that interested but no other users. Buy yourself a pleasing new LR version. While this says no, but slowly I really believe that.


          I'm really thinking on whether I should buy myself a new LR version.

          Many of the issues speak for it, but unfortunately the company policy speaks a different language. And I can not endorse it. I'll think about it. There are other software. As long as adobe not with me reports. I once wrote an email to the two, but keeping it do not answer request for Necessary. What a pity ...