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    Migrate Articulate Presenter 13 Content to Adobe Presenter 10


      We need to migrate our current library of ~150 modules (approx. 10 mins each) authored in Articulate Presenter 13 over to Adobe Presenter 10 and I'm not sure the best way to go about synching the animations and narrations. The animations are all "OnClick" in PPT, and are synchronized in Articulate Presenter with the Sync Audio feature, but the audio files are not available as I believe they are within the proprietary .ppta file.


      Here's what I've tried...

      • Publish Articulate Presenter 13 for web
      • Rename published mp3 files to correspond with slide numbers
      • Open the PPTX file in Adobe Presenter
      • Import renamed mp3 files that correspond with the slide numbers
      • Re-sync animations in Adobe Presenter


      This is obviously quite tedious and time intensive, and I need to see about other means of synching animations.



      • Is there another way to synch the animations?
        • I could take the On Click in the Animations pane in PPT and change them to After Previous
          • Need to know the timing in seconds
            • Not easily discerned in the audio editor in Articulate Presenter
      • What happens to the audio after I've imported an MP3, which is already compressed and then publish in Adobe Presenter?
        • Is it further compressed or does it maintain the same audio quality as when I brought it in?

      Thanks in advance!

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          • Is there another way to synch the animations? No. You will need to resynch the audio through either the Sync Audio tool or the Edit Audio tool.
            • Could you set the animations to After Previous? Yes. I believe you can set a delay timing in PPT and have Presenter take it (not gospel truth, but I recall that working some time and a few versions ago). however you will have to know how long the audio needs to run before cuing the next animation. I would think that just doing the animations on click and synching them through the normal means would be easier and faster. My 2c.
          • What happens to the audio when published? If the audio is at a higher quality than the selected publish quality for the audio, then it will be reencoded to the more compressed audio settings. If it is at or below the publishing settings for the audio, it just creates copies of the audio files.


          Hope that helps.