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    After Effects will RAM Preview not in real time


      Hi, we have 3 adobe After Effects CC up to date here, we are working on a 60fps project in HD 1080. Nothing crazy.

      We have 20 Gigas of ram. Mac OS 10.8.5 octo core 2011. ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 Mo. SSD disque crucial m500 256 gigas.


      We have a lot of problem with Ram Preview. (on every project)

      Everything works fine until, we don't know why, the ram preview is getting not realtime, like 30fps or under.

      Sometimes purge memory do the trick but not always.

      We need to reboot and it works again, but few minutes.

      We made a test on CS5 and it works well realtime, but same problem on CS6.

      I tried to delete all the preferences to check but no difference.

      We are working with nfs network account but i always redirect disk cache to local disk (set to 20 gigas) and also media conformed cache (database and cache)


      We are getting mad, it's really hard to work that way, rebooting each time.


      Maybe an issue with Global performance cache introduced in CS6 ?


      It's not a footage/project issue because the entire project (a blend of tiff, png, prores422) can be played 120 frames/sec without any problem on after CS5, after CS6 (when it works), CC (when it works).

      The problem is when working on project, changing layers, adding effects, After CC starts not be slow and not realtime using Ram Preview.


      Also, when we are previewing, a lot of ram is not used, it only uses like 20% of the ram.


      We hope for a nice patch very soon ....