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    Master Page Appearing (incorrectly) on "top" of page

    TH Banks



      I'm new to InDesign (working on CS6/windows).  I have a "working" ID file that has a single master page that contains complex graphics (ie, I don't want to tweak it).  I realized that I misaligned the page number text box and a few other items, so instead of tweaking it, I wanted to reimport that master from the original file. I copied the "correct" master from the original ID file, and added it to my "working" ID file as Master B.  I then deleted the Master A, renamed the Master B to Master A, and then applied the new Master A to all the pages.  Now, the master appears on TOP of the actual pages.  In other words, my page content is still there, but I can't figure out how to put the master back "underneath" the page.  The bottom line: how to I get my Master page to appear on the "bottom."?