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    convert pagemaker .pmd to .pdf


      Is there a cost-effective way to convert Pagemaker .pmd to .pdf now? Acrobat XI won't do it. Distiller is gone. Acrobat 7.0 has to be "activated" after installing on a new computer, but Adobe won't do it. Updating Pagemaker direct to InDesign is no longer an option. Know any workarounds?

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          Not sure I follow all of your arguments.

          - Acrobat XI won't do it (no, not without PageMaker)

          - Distiller is gone (no, it is included with every version of Acrobat AND with PageMaker)

          - Acrobat 7 has to be activated (won't do it without PageMaker; can be installed if you need it)

          - Adobe won't it (??)


          You need a computer capable of running PageMaker (e.g. Windows XP) and you need PageMaker. PageMaker includes Distiller.