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    Movie Clip Code

    bcounts Level 1
      Trying to create a tool tip effect - looking for a code if anyone can help!

      I Have a button called "scroll_bt" and a tool tip MovieClip called "tool_mc" - I know I can use the _visable script but I want to get a little more advanced than that which is what I need help on.

      I need the tool tip movie to appear when the mouse has been rolled over and sat on the button for more than 5 seconds - than disappear when the mouse is rolled-out of the button.

      Could someone help me write a code that will achive this? Also if anyone has any ideas for adding a tween transition allowing this tool tip movie to fade in after 5 seconds and fade out on Roll Out (qucik fade - nothing to long) to this code that would be great to!

      Thanks For Any Help In Advance!