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    Color Shifts when rendering to H.264 Blu-ray


      Hi all,


      Just wanted to let you know I was struggling with this real badly. I am making a video that needed to have the same color background as a web page and using the same hex just wasn't working. It looked really amateur with a 'really close but not the same purple' background to the video.


      I had an After Effects comp dynamically linked into Premiere (for touching up sound) and was rendering on AME. I used all the tips above, changed rendering settings to max bit rate, etc. Nothing worked. Tried all settings. However, one person mentioned above that it renders more accurately in Premiere. Rendering in Premiere gave me the exact same color (you can see a test image with the background and video flush here).


      I hope this can help someone else at some point.samecolorbg.JPG

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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee



          I'd like to understand the problem you're reporting better.


          It would be helpful if you posted screenshots of:

          - the comp in After Effects

          - the comp as it appears in Premiere Pro

          - the comp as it appears in the AME Encode Settings dialog

          - the final output from Premiere Pro

          - the final output from AME


          Sorry for the long list. We're working with a couple of different variables here.


          I also need to know if you have enabled color management in your After Effects project, as that will have a significant difference on the output.


          What format are you encoding to from Premiere Pro or AME?

          When you encode from AME, are you encoding the After Effects comp, or are you encoding the Premiere Pro sequence that has the After Effects comp inside of it?

          When you encode from Premiere Pro, do you encode directly or do you queue it in AME?