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    RoboHelp won't reset window size

      Good Afternoon,

      I'm trying to reset the size of the help browser that displays. I know that this is done through the Window Properties dialog box. I've reset it multiple times, but it just keeps displaying in the old size. I even tried to delete the window properties and then recreate them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get RoboHelp to apply the new size settings?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Angela

          When you are looking at the Window Properties, what do you see for the option labeled "Remember Window Size and Positon"? (You find this in the lower left corner of the dialog)

          If this setting is enabled, there are only a few ways to force a change.

          1. Before closing the help file, move and size it as you desire it to open next time.
          2. Rename the .CHM file name so Windows registers it as a different file. For example, MyChm.CHM might change to MyChm1.CHM.
          3. You could search and destroy your hh.dat file. I woudn't recommend this as it could impact other .CHM files in your system.

          Cheers... Rick