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    A big newbie flex question.

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      Where do I put it all?

      I've done many of the basic tutorials, I have a pretty good idea on how
      to create simple flex projects. I am now trying to design a real,
      functioning project based on one of our most important, internal, web

      I find myself a little over my head. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I am building what is basically a calendar of events. I'm currently
      using flash remoting to pull the event data with ColdFusion from a
      database. I will have to main 'views' to start with. One is a full
      calendar display of all the events for a month. The second is a drill
      down that will display all the details of an individual event, with a
      panel on the left displaying other events on the same date.

      I've built most of the pieces of this, but I'm having trouble putting it
      together in a manageable layout. To date, I've pretty much put
      everything into a single MXML file but this is getting quite unwieldy.
      However when I try to pull pieces out into custom controls I start
      having great difficulty dealing with the data and the various view pieces.

      So, one has managed to wade through all that exposition, what is a good
      way to do this? Where do I put the data access logic. I presume in my
      root application file. But, if I do that, how do I access it from my
      various view pieces? How do I connect all the dots?